Need Business Professional Services Insurance in Tallahassee?

Errors & Omissions Insurance—Because Mistakes Happen

If you're business providing professional services a prerequisite is Professional Liability Insurance (PL) or Errors & Omissions (E&O) insurance. Even as a diligent business professional, mistakes occur. Sometimes your business advice doesn't turn as well as planned. This is where the Butler-Vause Insurance Agency can assist.

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Professional Services liability insurance protects you in the event a client is harmed from a service or advice that you furnish for which you are held legally liable.

The professional liability insurance policy typically covers:

Negligence: Professional Services liability covers alleged mistakes or advice your company makes through professional services provided (also includes failure to perform those services).

Defense Costs: Coverage included for defense costs related to lawsuits against your company regardless of fault.

Services Previously Performed: As established in an agreed time frame, your business will be covered for service completed. Errors and omissions insurance covers your current, future and even previous work with one policy.

Employees, Temporary Staff, and Independent Contractors

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